Invited Talks

Loss of function mutations in beta-actin encoding ATCB gene cause a pleiotropic syndrome with renal defects

Banka, Siddharth

Manchester, UK


FGFR signalling in nephron progenitors: Links to metabolism

Bates, Carlton M.

Pittsburgh, USA


What can we learn from a simple model of the kidney?

Dow, Julian

Glasgow, UK

Tshz3 mouse models of 19q12-associated autism spectrum disorder and renal tract abnormalities

Fasano, Laurent

Marseille, France

Diabetic neuropathy and the bladder

Gardiner, Natalie J.

Manchester, UK

From human genetic disorders to mechanisms of development, homeostasis and repair

Hastie, Nick

Edinburgh, UK

Pluripotent stem cells for kidney development and disease modelling

Kimber, Sue

Manchester, UK

MicroRNAs as regulators of renal fibrosis: a metabolic vision

Lamas, Santiago

Madrid, Spain

Kidney stem/progenitor cells in kidney regeneration

Li, Zhongwei

La Jolla, USA

11 April Nephrogenesis Workshop

Using zebrafish to study renal tubular disease

Lowe, Martin

Manchester, UK

Urothelial progenitors in development, regeneration and cancer

Mendelsohn, Cathy


11 April Nephrogenesis Workshop

Megabladder Mouse Model of Obstructive Nephropathy

McHugh, Kirk M.

Columbus, USA

Genomic sequencing to unravel causes of disorders of the lower urinary tract

Newman, William

Manchester, UK

Phenotype-based drug discovery in the zebrafish

Peterson, Randall T.

Cambridge, USA

Hedgehog Signaling and the Pathogenesis of CAKUT: Opportunities for Human Translation

Rosenblum, Norman D.

Toronto, Canada

A Life in Science

Rothwell, Nancy

Manchester, UK

Analysis of the amniotic fluid  “-ome” for prediction of post-natal renal outcome in CAKUT

Schanstra, Joost P.

Toulouse, France

Ciliary traffic jam: from human genetics to zebrafish

Schmidts, Miriam

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Perturbation of retinoid homeostasis leads to reduced nephron endowment in offspring of diabetic mothers

Shum, Alisa S.

Hong Kong

Urothelium: a barrier in renal development and health

Southgate, Jenny

York, UK

Fetal & Neonatal gene therapy

Waddington, Simon N.

London, UK

What do we really know about human renal tract malformations?

Woolf, Adrian S.

Manchester, UK

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