Renaltract Conference

International Conference on Developmental Nephrology and Future Therapies

12 – 13 April 2018
And The Back-To-Back Nephrogenesis Workshop, 11 April

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By doing the “International Conference on Nephrology and Therapeutics” we intend to divulge the state of art in renal tract development research. This will include presentations of the most up to date and pioneering research. We hope to create an exiting environment of scientific exchanging and discussion including high profile scientists, nephrologists and students. Ultimately, with this conference we expect to give a step forward to better understand and find new therapies of renal tract diseases.


  • Gather researchers, students and health specialists in the kidney field to divulge the state of art in renal tract development, research and pioneering discoveries
  • Create a multidisciplinary and remarkable scientific event with high-profile speakers
  • exchange and the cooperation between worldwide scientists

General Topics:

  • Kidney development and patterning processes of nephron
  • Molecular medicine and Renal Tract
  • Therapeutics: Human diseases and new approaches


The attendance will be free. Limit of number of attendees will be: 150.

Abstract Submissions

Submit your abstract for poster presentation.


Adrian S. Woolf, UK

Alisa S. Shum, Hong Kong

Carlton M. Bates, USA

Cathy Mendelsohn, USA

Jenny Southgate, UK

Joost P. Schanstra, France

Julian Dow, UK

Kirk M .McHugh ( Nephrogenesis workshop), USA

Laurent Fasano, France

Lowe Martin McHugh ( Nephrogenesis workshop), UK

Miriam Schmidts, Netherlands

Nancy Rothwell, UK

Natalie J. Gardiner, UK

Nick Hastie, UK

Norman D. Rosenblum, Canada

Randall T. Peterson, USA

Santiago Lamas, Spain

Siddharth Banka, UK

Simon N. Waddington, UK

Sue Kimber, UK

William Newman, UK

Zhongwei Li, USA

Nephrogenesis workshop

Also don’t miss the back- to-back Nephrogenesis workshop, 11 April 2018, Nowgen Centre, Manchester, England. For further details please contact Adrian Woolf at
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